Nice to meet you.

I'm studying mechanical engineering and computer science near Salt Lake City. I'm especially interested in robotics and aerospace, but I'm really just in it to make cool, useful stuff. Here is my current resume.

San Antonio will always have my heart, but I am loving my time in Utah. If you can't find me in the engineering building on BYU campus, there's a good chance I'm dancing, writing, hiking, or goofing off with my friends and roommates. If that's the case, you can always contact me here.

Here's what I'm up to right now.

I just finished my third year of the mechanical engineering program at Brigham Young University. My recently completed classes include mechatronics and dynamic system modeling. Soon, I'll be starting an internship at Boeing! Until then, here's how I'm spending my time:

  • Working as a teaching assistant for a course in numerical methods/introduction to programming in C++ and MATLAB
  • Helping out with activities, outreach, admin, and social media as a presidency member for BYU's section of the Society of Women Engineers
  • Designing and creating a payload for BYU Rocketry's Junior High-Power team
  • Preparing a great introductory rocketry competition and doing some background work on online media as part of BYU Rocketry's auxiliary leadership

And if you're interested, here's what I did over the summer.